Cathedral City will no longer issue permits for short-term vacation rentals in single-family and multi-family residential zones.

The city is phasing out short-term vacation rentals by 2023, due to an ordinance that was approved in 2020 and went into effect on March 18, 2021, after a referendum.  Cathedral City requires valid permits to operate short-term rentals, but no longer issues permits, will not issue renewal permits past 2023 and will not allow properties to be used for short-term rentals beyond 2023.

The ordinance won’t apply to existing short-term rentals within HOAs located in those zones, though their permits cannot be renewed. Homeshares and short-term rentals within HOAs in “resort residential” zones are also not affected. A number of neighborhoods are zoned as resort residential, including some developments on Cathedral Canyon Drive and Dinah Shore Drive, according to the city’s zoning map.

Mayor Ernesto Gutierrez said the urgency ordinance closes the loophole for short-term rental permits in R1 and R2 neighborhoods with HOAs.


If you are considering to buy Short-term Vacation Rentals in the greater Palm Springs area, make sure you are familiar with and understand the ordinance and regulations fully. These regulations are meant to protect the neighborhood, property values – your future investment! And talk to fellow Vacation Rentals Investors or Real Estate Agents – your local experts.

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