Whether you’re looking to buy a Mid-Century Modern home in the Greater Palm Springs area that is 100% move in ready, or a dire fixer-upper on a fire sale budget, we can help. Here are a few great universal MCM house hunting tips.

How to Buy a Mid-Century Modern Home in the Greater Palm Springs area

No singular demographic group seems most invested in buying these Mid-Century Modern Homes. They appeal to both millennials looking for a family house and retirees downsizing from larger homes into single level living.

That popularity means you need to think fast. Be ready to move quickly as soon as a house you love comes on the market. If you already know your area, keep an eye out for signs that a house may soon be for sale and reach out to us in advance.

Be careful not to fall into a “remuddle” of a remodel. One mistake is to make updates that lose the details that make the property special! We’ve seen horror stories… Amazing MCM homes are recently “remuddled” with Home Depot finishes and cabinets that don’t match. And seller is asking the price for it as if done in the correct style.

When you’re planning to remodel, still look for a house that’s in relatively good shape structurally. It’s no fun to spend your remodeling budget on the invisible mechanics of a house.

How to Buy a Mid-Century Modern Home in the Greater Palm Springs area

When you’re planning to buy a Mid-Century Modern house to remodel,  you’re not looking for one that’s been updated to someone else’s taste. In fact, you want one that’s had as little work done to prepare it for sale as possible. Even a tragic 80s kitchen remodel can work in your favor.  Since you’re buying to remodel, you’ll likely be making changes to key areas like kitchens and bathrooms anyway. So this is your chance to fix someone else’s “remuddling” errors. In some ways, you’ll have less guilt about tearing out the 80s rework than you would an original vintage kitchen. The more “ugh” moments your future home inspires in other buyers, the fewer you’ll be competing with to make the purchase.

Indoor-outdoor living, especially here in Coachella Valley, is a signature feature of Mid-Century Modern homes. That means walls, windows, and doors of floor-to-ceiling glass. The look is inspiring. It can also be deadly. When they were built, many of these big windows and doors were made of plate glass—and they still may be. If so, an earthquake, falling tree, or even wild party antics can result in dangerous shards and exposure of your home to the elements. So be sure to ask, “Has the glass been replaced with tempered glass?” For energy efficiency and safety, double-pane glass replacements are typically the way to go.

How to Buy a Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Home

If you’re planning to do any remodeling at all, it’s not much more work to knock out a few interior non-load-bearing walls and change the interior space layout. But Modernism is all about the details, so be careful when doing your demolition to save what’s important. Take your time to study your new home and learn what is special about it. Some examples would be original brickwork, front door, stone, ceramic tile, interior built-ins, and any unique features. Just remember that once its gone, you can never get it back.

Even though mid-century modern homes for sale in Palm Springs are among the most desirable on the real estate market, there are plenty of options for those who are shopping on a budget. For more affordable homes, focus your search in cities like Cathedral City or Palm Desert. You can buy more house for your money.

If you find yourself with more questions about the home buying process, reach out to me 760-766-6093. There’s no better time to get started than now!