Palm Springs will have a temporary ban on any new short-term vacation rental permits.

On Monday October 17th, the city council approved a moratorium on short-term vacation rentals for a little over 30 days. The original proposal was for a 45-day proposal, however, Councilmember Dennis Woods suggested a shorter ban.

While the ban is temporary, the council says it gives them time to consider revisions to the ordinance. One of those revisions includes reducing the number of times permit holders are allowed to rent their homes per year. They are also considering implementing a residency requirement.

Many residents and groups have recommended caps on the number of rentals allowed.. both within the city of palm springs and in specific neighborhoods. While some council members expressed concern that a general rental cap within the city would be unfair. They are looking into a rental cap within neighborhoods. The council will continue to discuss this topic during its second meeting on Nov. 29 when a permanent decision could be made, and possibly even sooner.

If you are considering to buy Short-term Vacation Rentals in the greater Palm Springs area, make sure you are familiar with and understand the ordinance and regulations fully. These regulations are meant to protect the neighborhood, property values – your future investment! And talk to fellow Vacation Rentals Investors or Real Estate Agents – your local experts.

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