Short-term vacation rentals will be a thing of the past in Rancho Mirage following a unanimous vote by the city council on Thursday Oct 7. The action amends an ordinance that had allowed the rentals only in gated communities with HOA approval.

The amended ordinance banning all short-term rentals needs to come back for a second read and vote by the council, likely at the Oct. 21 meeting. If approved again, it would become effective 30 days later.

Current permits that are set to expire on Jan. 1 will be extended until June 30, 2022.

Concerned there would be an influx of new applications ahead of June 30, the council also approved an urgency ordinance putting a moratorium on all new permits.

The city’s current ban on short-term rentals, except in gated communities where allowed by the HOAs, was approved by the council in November 2020. It went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, affecting 121 properties while 149 remained eligible for the program.

Cathedral City is in the process of phasing out most short-term rentals by 2023, as approved by voters. The rentals are allowed in communities with HOA approval and in home-sharing situations. Other cities across the valley have taken recent steps to rein in problem properties with tougher rules, stiffer fines and other penalties.


If you are considering to buy Short-term Vacation Rentals in the greater Palm Springs area, make sure you are familiar with and understand the ordinance and regulations fully. These regulations are meant to protect the neighborhood, property values – your future investment! And talk to fellow Vacation Rentals Investors or Real Estate Agents – your local experts.

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